Owners and Operators

What is the Role of a Recovery Housing Operator?

Recovery residences provide a vital service for initiating and sustaining long-term recovery; many thousands exist in the United States encompassing all levels of residential support.

Based on the national standard, NARR developed a certification program that it licenses to its affiliates.

In turn, affiliate organizations are responsible for certifying recovery residences that meet the national standard. See our state affiliate resources for more details around affiliate requirements and the certification process.

Services Provided to Recovery Housing Operators

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Research and established best practices

Access NARR’s comprehensive resource library. Review our affiliate standards, white papers, and advocacy support.

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Attend NARR’s annual conference, entirely dedicated to best practices in the operation of recovery residences. The event will feature three days of presentations, panels and participant discussion.

Multiple program tracks will offer something for everyone. One track will focus on the needs of residence providers. A parallel track will be devoted to policy topics including legislation, state-level issues, the opioid crisis and industry responses to change.

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NARR gives those living in recovery residences a unified voice to a degree that has never been heard. Our vision is that all persons in recovery from addiction have access to the recovery support they need to live happier, healthier lives. Housing is essential for everyone, but people in recovery from alcohol and other drugs often need the peer support and safe, structured living environment that is found in a recovery residence. Together our voice can demand the funding and policy changes need to make this vision a reality.



Questions about NARR standards? New companion guide released

March 30, 2019

NARR has created a new information resource, the National Standard 3.0 Compendium. This document was developed in response to numerous requests from recovery residence operators and others interested in the genesis and application of recovery residence best practices. It is a detailed guide to the sources and rationale for the individual requirements comprising the standard.…

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March 25, 2019

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