Sponsor Information

Thank you for considering a sponsorship for this year’s conference! NARR very much appreciates your support. This year’s conference is a very special opportunity, given the national interest in recovery residence standards and best practices. Please reserve early, and contact our event coordinator if you have any questions. Information on reserving your sponsorship appears below. If your sponsorship level includes placement of your marketing material in registrant tote bags, please contact NARR for advance delivery instructions and timetable.

For questions please call Katie Boardman, conference coordinator, at (855) 355-6277, or email info@narronline.org. You can donate online using the items below. Donations may also be made by check payable to NARR, and sent to:

569 Selby Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55102

Premium and Gold sponsors will need to provide high resolution logo art, preferably with transparent background, by September 15 so that we can include you in the program and promotional materials. Please contact the conference coordinator for details.

Special note to all sponsors with registrations included in your sponsorship packages: If you will not be using one or more of your included registrations, you may designate them to be donated to someone who can not otherwise afford to attend the conference. Your organization will be acknowledged at the conference for any registrations you donate.  Contact the conference coordinator for more information.

Donation Check-Out Directions

  1. Add your desired donation/sponsorship level to the cart.
  2. Proceed to “cart” area to check out.
  3. Fill in fields for “Buyer Info.”
  4. Regardless of your donation level and number of included registrations, add the same name for “Attendee Info” as for “Buyer Info.” NARR will contact you once they received your submission to confirm details and get the names of actual attendees.

Premium Sponsorship


Donation includes:

  • Everything in the Gold recognition package, plus:
  • Reception or lunch sponsorship
  • Short address at the sponsored event
  • One extra registration (total three)

Please contact NARR before selecting this item to discuss the events available for sponsorship.

Gold Sponsorship


Donation Includes:

  • Whole table or booth space
  • Logo in program
  • Logo on event page on website
  • Acknowledgment during event
  • Materials in registrant tote bags
  • Two registrations

Silver Sponsorship


Donation Includes:

  • Half table
  • Name in program
  • Materials in registrant tote bags
  • One registration

Messaging Package


Donation Includes:

  • Marketing material in registrant bags (advance delivery required)
  • Placement on shared table