State Affiliates

What is the Role of a State Affiliate?

NARR has Affiliate Members from coast to coast. Some have be in existence since the 1970s. Other have just recently formed. This makes for a rich mixture of sizes, experiences, regional environments and development needs.

Services Provided to State Affiliates

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Peer Support

The social model of recovery is the foundation of all recovery residences, so it is no surprise that our peer leaders seek out and highly value peer support. NARR hosts an open call every month for affiliate peers and stakeholders to share successes and challenges, pose questions and answers, and gain national and local perspectives.

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Resource Library

NARR provides a number for resource in our growing learning center. Review our affiliate standards, white papers and advocacy support.

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Training and Technical Assistance

Whether you are at the very beginning stages of developing a state/regional organization or you are seeking ongoing support, NARR can develop a training and technical assistance package that is right for you. Options include but are not limited to consulting, presentations, trainings, and administrative and web support.

NARR Standards

In 2011, NARR made history by establishing a national standard for recovery residences. This standard defines the spectrum of recovery oriented housing and services and distinguishes four different types, which are known as “levels” or “levels of support.”

The standard was developed through a strength-based and collaborative approach that solicited input from all major regional and national recovery housing organizations. Guidance for the standard was also received from recovery residence providers (some with decades of experience) from across the nation representing all four levels of support and nationally recognized recovery support stakeholders.

After more than a year of work, NARR released Version 2.0 of the standard in October 2015. The full text is available here. It provides more explicit guidance to providers, including metrics for evaluating the peer support components of a residence’s recovery environment.

Code of Ethics

In May 2016 NARR released its Code of Ethics for Recovery Residences. The Code is designed for operators, staff, peer leaders and volunteers in any recovery residence. The full text is available here.


The standard defines the essential elements of a properly operated recovery residence that people in recovery should demand.


The standard provides a road map for developing the full spectrum of recovery housing to better match needs and a blue print for housing providers to rise to the occasion.


The standard empowers informed recovery housing choices with regard to placement and resource allocation.

Affiliate Directory

NARR partners with many state and national organizations to provide the best possible support to the recovery housing community. NARR has affiliate members from coast to coast. Some have been in existence since the 1970s. Others have just recently formed. This makes for a rich mixture of sizes, experiences, regional environments, and development needs.


Additional Resources

Questions about NARR standards? New companion guide released

March 30, 2019

NARR has created a new information resource, the National Standard 3.0 Compendium. This document was developed in response to numerous requests from recovery residence operators and others interested in the genesis and application of recovery residence best practices. It is a detailed guide to the sources and rationale for the individual requirements comprising the standard.…

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March 25, 2019

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